Bipolar Disorder and Medication (2)

Bipolar disorder is a condition affecting an individual’s affective states (mood). The different flavors of bipolar disorder have in common that there are alterations in mood between above ‘normal’ (hypomania, mania) and normal or below normal (melancholia, depression). The other important mood disorders are the various types of depression, while mania without episodes of depressions …

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Psychotherapy and Weight Loss

Weight Loss and Psychotherapy (2)   Psychotherapy of Weight Loss Dr Jonathan Haverkampf, M.D.   There are many approaches advertised to reduce weight but I want to focus on one of them, which I also find the most important one, the psychotherapeutic approach. Being overweight or underweight can be due to a medical condition, which …

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Depression and Psychotherapy

Depression and Psychotherapy (2) Depression usually means feeling low and lacking motivation and energy to do anything enjoyable, but sometimes it may predominantly show in disturbed sleep, a lack of appetite and other diffuse bodily symptoms. The latter condition we call an atypical depression. Often individuals remain undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for a long time before …

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